English Conversation Classes

Our English conversation classes are here to help you improve your English on a daily basis. You will be conversing with native English-speaking teachers live, 1-on-1.

Our classes offered is by far the best way for you to improve your English-speaking abilities and get to a level where you can use it in real life situations. Our teachers can have conversations about specific topics, such as real-life situations, governance, business, finance, politics or just a normal conversation etc.

Our English Conversation classes:

  • Your conversations will always be with a native English speaker.
  • For now, we are offering classes on the weekends.
  • The classes are made for each student individually.
  • The classes are held by Skype.

 How To Get Started:

  1. Check the times available by clicking on the schedule icon.
  2. Select the time available and make your payment and ensure that you get a confirmation email.